In the Estate Agency business there is always a LEVELLER just to ensure one’s feet are kept firmly on the ground.

Oliver recalls greeting an important Developer client for one of his former business partners as he was about to leave the office.

Wanting to make the client feel as welcome as possible, Oliver offered the client a seat and sat down to have a chat with him. As they chatted away Oliver offered the client a cup of coffee and set off to put the kettle on. As Oliver turned the developer client left Oliver absolutely flabbergasted.

“It’s not often I am lost for words” Oliver recalls.

This sophisticated, mature client (I think this is why I was so surprised) Oliver laughs

“It just goes to show – it takes all sorts. The client spat his chewing gum out and gave it to me to dispose of!! I think I was so taken aback that I actually took the gum from him!” said Oliver

Two hundred Flats to sell or not- Incredible!