Oliver was recently called in to provide his thoughts and recommendations on how an independent agent could improve on and increase their higher value/top end stock.

This particular agent wished to attract a more mature type of vendor and Oliver’s brief was to help achieve this.

Oliver’s starting point was to see how he was greeted by the sales staff (both by phone and in person) and so he set to work.

Upon phoning one of the offices Oliver was put on hold. The hold music was very middle of the road, non-offensive and perfectly acceptable.

To further his investigations, Oliver checked the consistency of the telephone service given at other branches. He called another office and was placed on hold again,expecting to hear the same calming music he had encountered previously.

Oliver has never claimed to be a music connoisseur, but he couldn’t help but laugh out loud when the calming hold music that met him was by the band The Prodigy. The soothing song choice was titled ‘Smack my Bitch Up’!

Not really the right mood for enticing and attracting “Middle England” was the first discussion point on Oliver’s feedback to the owner…