The year was 1989 and Oliver was three months into having joined his new Estate Agency. He had settled in well and Oliver’s employers seemed to like him.

Christmas was fast approaching and, having just met a girl Oliver wanted to impress her by whisking her off to Spain for the weekend.

The only thing stopping him was the lack of fundbos, Oliver recalls.

Having asked for an advance, Oliver was surprised to be given £500 (which was more than he had requested and very generous of Oliver’s employers.

Bags were packed,and Oliver and his new lady friend flew out for a romantic weekend with money to spend.

A great time was had but several weeks later the harsh realities of a cold Winter in the UK had set in.January seemed to last forever, and in those days “pay day” was literally the last day of the month.

Oliver limped to the end of the month desperate to receive his salary cheque. Upon opening the envelope Oliver panicked, as there was nothing inside other than a compliment slip that was folded.

In desperation Oliver unraveled the compliment slip only to see the words:

“You owe us £16”

A harsh lesson indeed of living beyond your means Oliver laughs.