The early bird gets the worm- but the second mouse gets the cheese” as the saying goes.

There are many contributing factors that can determine when the best time to buy or sell is. So much in life comes down to good or bad timing and selling property is no different.

Most people know that the Spring Market is traditionally the peak time for selling. However, September is an excellent choice too. Things traditionally perk up in September and early October.


Just as in Spring time when gardens are in full bloom and the place comes alive, in September the Autumn glow and dryer weather combine to make everything feel a touch nicer.

Although the property is ALWAYS the main draw- it’s the whole package that attracts people. With the School Holidays over and the children back at School many Families who are thinking about buying and selling will refocus their efforts.

School Application processes are a great motivator as to why September is a great time to move as many Families will wish to be settled in to a new address in a desired catchment area in time for the usual deadlines of January and February.

In addition, if you ask 99/100 Estate Agents what their best Sales Month of the year is- SEPTEMBER will not be too far off EVERYTIME!

Many buyers aim for a pre- Christmas move and are incentivised by the idea of putting up the Christmas tree in their new home before the big day arrives.

Trust September to be a decisive month for selling!