Some sellers feel that if they have missed the Spring market, they should wait until September before selling their property.  However, there are solid reasons for marketing your home during the summer.

Firstly, your property is likely to look at it’s very best.  The bright days and long evenings mean that your home will look light and airy and, any views from the house are accentuated. Your garden will be in full bloom, which adds real value to the purchasers perception of your home and means they will not just be looking at rooms.  If it is a family home, childrens garden toys can only make the house feel more like a home – a real hot button for the family buyer.

Longer evenings also mean that the opportunity for positive viewings is extended, as partners can view together.

The most committed buyers do not let holidays, sports, etc get in their way and are sometimes frustrated by the reduction in choice, as other sellers withdraw their homes.  Those with children may be under some pressure to secure a property before the new school year and as a result, could be prepared to pay a premium for a swift completion date.

September is also a popular time for those moving jobs.  They will certainly be hoping to complete towards the end of the summer so that they can get the move out of the way before putting all their energiesinto their new position.

If you are therefore considering the possibility of selling, or know someone who is, why not help us supply the demand that we are experiencing this summer by contacting us today.